Why Web Design?

The perfect storm of a creative, logistic and scientific mind.

This is what makes Web Design so formidable.  Evolution tells us that it is not in our nature to have both our creative (right) and logical (left) sides of our brain working at the same high level.  But this is what Web Design asks us to do.

Creatively you need to see the end product, to envisage beauty, sleek lines, beautiful or powerful images, you need to see each page as its own work of art, having its own beauty and fitting into the showcase of the website as a whole. A website is not raw creativity, you can’t  just envision your page and start painting it using fine motor skills that we have developed over thousands of years, in the technological age it would never be that easy.

In order to translate your vision there is a myriad of technical hurdles to jump, you need to think about usability, will anyone be able to go to the site and intuitively know how to get where they want to go?  You need to think about functionality, do you need a sidebar on the left, the right or both? Do you need a footer? Do you want the menu to drop down or pop up? How will this affect click through rates? Will you need to reference the work or images of another?

Once the vision of the page is determined, and the site’s functionality is drilled down, the web designers job is not over, no not by a long shot.  This is when the days of endless coding come in, typing frantically into the night, squinting at lines of seemingly illogical code looking for the hidden piece of the puzzle that will make your vision a reality.

Web Design as a pursuit pushes anyone who commits to it, if you are a naturally strong creative person it draws you in and then challenges you to be systematic and logical.  If you are left brain dominant, it pushes you to stimulate your creativity, to draw on inspiration from others to find your own vision.  I believe this is why Web Design is such a booming industry at the moment, every business needs a website to survive.  If you’re not on Google, you won’t be found.  This is forcing the Web Design industry to push the boundaries of their creative, usability and technical sides to have continuous growth and improvement.


About sarab2222

Driven by curiosity, creativity and my innate nerdiness, a little over a year ago I dipped my toe into the world of everything web design. With no experience, no formal training and no idea what I was doing I sweated, swore and furrowed over the creation of my first website built from scratch with no templates or guidance to light the way. It was the most frustrating and exhilarating experince watching it come together piece by piece, code by code. Since those innocent beginnings I've dived head first into a Bachelors of Internet Communication with a major in Web Design, I'm devouring tutorials, reading everything I can find to light my way and finding a community of the most creative nerds in the world. So this blog is my way of documenting my journey from wet behind the ears newbie to experienced professional, a place to consolidate and share what I'm learning, display my work and help others at the start of this journey find their way. View all posts by sarab2222

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